Things to Do in Korea When You're Klassy

Awesome stuff I saw at the park tonight:

1. Two tanned and waxed Germans engaged in a photo shoot. Fully Clothed German Number 1 was lying in the middle of the bike lane taking pictures of Not So Fully Clothed German Number 2. Number 2 was perched atop a concrete divider, I assume because this afforded him the least offensive backdrop while seductively disrobing. He was tanned and smooth. How do I know? I stopped dead in my tracks to gawk, of course.

2. A mother/daughter combo playing a heated match of badminton, whilst wearing heels and baseball caps.  Sadly, this is not uncommon.

3. An Eager Beaver ajumma wiping her dog's ass.  She and Dog must have just gotten to the park, as Dog was in a right fit state to shit.  He sniffed the grass for a few minutes, searching for the perfect spot to drop a deuce, as Eager Beaver followed his every step.  Deciding on a suitable spot, Dog's body became rigid and tense in the classic "Dog Pooping" stance.  But just as Dog was about to pinch off a turd nugget, Eager Beaver swooped in to catch it with her handy plastic baggy.  Dog was clearly annoyed, however:

"Bitch, back up off my ass for Christ's sake. Let me shit in peace!" 

Dog tried to escape Eager Beaver's clutch, but he was no match.  She whipped out a wet nap and wiped Dog's ass clean.

4. Ajjoshi Massage Circle.  Maybe this is the old man equivalent of a circle jerk.

Lucky for me I got to bear witness; unlucky for you I did not have my camera.


Joe Ambrosino said...

Today I was sitting in the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, watching strange Asian girls from Japan I think. They were dressed so "purposely" in expensive looking clothes and were staring lovingly into mirrors.We have our own strange sights from the Orient!

Mindy said...

welcome to my world. korean girls like to sit in cafes taking copious amount of pics of themselves with their cell cameras, whilst sipping $6 lattes and cooing over each other. it makes for a fun rainy afternoon show, though.