some days i think helen keller had it good

"i always try to post really positive stuff on my facebook. i know people read that and will just think i'm a downer, so i always try to keep it positive."


"why don't you look up the word redemption and see if it means to you what it means to me."


"i really like pirate jokes. i try to post as many as i can on 'talk like a pirate day'."

sometimes i REALLY miss language ignorance.

on another note, i bought a new car. i'd post a pic here, but me and cameras are on a break right now. besides, my bad decision-making is already well documented on the interwebs. no need to add "$12,000 hyundai" to the mix, am i right?!


if the shoe doesn't fit, throw it out the window

mundane in america. that should be the new title to this blog. because that's what life is now -- mundane. i go to work. i come home from work. occasionally i party. sometimes i get laid. more often than not i find myself eating shitty fast food on my way to or from the suburbs. i play bocce ball in the parent's backyard. i avoid my brother and his wife. i am privy to the inane conversations that fill coffeehouses.

in short, i am bored. sometimes, literally to tears. this morning i found myself sniffling in the parking lot, whilst i readied myself for the bi-weekly staff meeting. saturday, i wept while en route from a family friend's mundane 50th birthday party. last week i wept whilst shopping for a cocktail dress.

you see, i am not exactly lacking in the social outings department, it's just that i'm finding these activities incredibly boring and not exactly blog-worthy. mayhaps i should take a break. like a really, REAL break. so that i may gather my thoughts and focus. because, truth be told, the "i am not a teacher" moniker still fits. i am NOT a teacher. but i'm not sure i'm a blogger either.

stay tuned...