Arrested Development, Party of One

For the first time in a *VERY* long time I am not dreading the end of summer. I am not concerned with writing curriculum and lesson planning; preparing a classroom and neatly labeling every goddamned thing in my room with a student's name. I am not bothered with school shopping or first day jitters or making nice with the new principal. I am not troubled with behavior plans and the inevitable "my child is very special" conversations.

In short, I am in full "fuck this shit, I'm going to GRAD SCHOOL!" mode, and it feels so good. It's like grad school is a free pass to check out of adulthood for a minute. And I, for one, am so. damn. ready.

Let's do this shit.


Chopped: One Woman's Journey Through the Costco Fruit Section

I made this fruit my bitch. Happy 50th birthday, Kent.

Cantaloupe vagina. It's a real thing.