Part Deux

*Ahem*  Where was I?  Oh yes, trekking back through Gangnam.

Yura and her mom were amazed at how hot, crowded and noisy the city is.  I was amazed that they had no idea how hot, crowded and noisy the city is.  Whatever.  We made it back to my place and enjoyed a lovely, if not entirely satisfying lunch of spaghetti with homemade sauce, salad and garlic bread.  The bulk of my lunch was spent silently repeating the mantra "dear god, please do not puke."  I strongly suspect the bulk of Yura's mom's lunch was spent judging me.  I am, after all, 30, unmarried and partying like a rock star.  She must think I'm a total fuck-up.  At least she still let's me spend time with her offspring.

Anyway, Yura quickly tired of our conversation and asked to watch Home Alone.  I obliged. Yura's mom and I chatted in the kitchen while she cut fruit and I whipped up a pot of chocolate fondue. (I'm not a total heathen; I was prepared to host.)  And that's when I heard the strangest sound.  From my bedroom came thunka-thunk, thunka-thunk.  Finger to lips, I quieted Yura's mom and peeked my head around the corner. My heart skipped, my uterus sang with joy: Yura was jumping on my bed, bouncing with pure childhood abandon.  Her pigtails flounced about, eyes glued to the screen.  Not wanting to spoil the moment, I stifled a giggle.  She stopped, turned her straight, round face to me and asked, "What?!"

Smiling like a fool, my hangover was instantly forgotten.  The world was butterflies and rainbows and unicorns.  I wanted nothing more than for her to carry on, jump around, but I had surprised her and she became sheepish.  She crossed her legs and plopped down.  The moment was gone.

The rest of the afternoon was most excellent.  Yura presented my gifts of purple nail polish and FIVE pairs of socks.  We passed the time painting each other's fingernails, her mom's fingernails and even my Cow Cow's* fingernails.

*Cow Cows are the cows my mom bought me after I complained about the lack of nature in Seoul.  They watch me blog.  Don't they look sassy?

Then she drew me two birthday pictures:

And now I've gotta split for dinner. TBC.

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Joe Ambrosino said...

You are blessed (and certainly not a fuck-up)