That's what (girl)friends are for

A typical payday night:

Casey: Oh, I would so get a massage right now.
Me: And a pedicure?  (On payday, I'm totally a Yes-Man.)

After ducking into a handful of overpriced salons on Gangnam-ro, we wandered down to Nonhyeon and stumbled upon a "mah-sa-jee" joint.  Weary, but wanting some pampering, we crossed our fingers there'd be no happy ending and ducked in.

Then later:

Casey: ...I mean, when was the last time you truly pampered yourself Mindy?
Me: January, I guess.  When I got my hair did.
Casey: That's not pampering, that's personal maintenance.  There is a difference.

And later:

Casey: ...I mean, she just spreads herself too thin.  But I guess some people are like that.  They need to be busy.
Me: I know. I'm far more productive when I'm busy and I have to employ some actual time management skills.  As opposed to indulging in a one hour leg massage on a Monday night.

Perhaps I have too much free time.

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