One. More. Day.

Okay, I think I may have jumped the gun a bit. Turns out I AM sick. No wonder I've been so tired and moody lately. Whatever. All I know is that I've got one more day of entertaining, grading, shushing, and wearing retardedly uncomfortable dress shoes. Hooray for vacation!

Aside from being snotty and gross for the last few days, I spoke with Dawn this morning and apparently the whole PNW is snowed in. Flights are being delayed and/or cancelled left and right. Oh dear god I hope she gets here in one piece. I've SO been looking forward to seeing her smiling face for the last 3 months...

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my flickr DILO. I cheated a bit, and did my 'day in the life' on Saturday. Whatever. Sunday was snotty and full of bitching, complaining, and an unsuccessful trip to Costco. 'Nuff said.

In this DILO: My room, Gyeongbukgung, Insadong, Chungmurro Station and various points in between. Check the whole day here.


Last night a DJ saved my life.

Bleh. I feel the winter blues have finally set in. I am tired and I want to sleep all the time. I go to bed early and get up late. I don't want to socialize. I am not sick, but everyone around me is. I am burnt out and tired of teaching. I miss my family. I feel like I've been holding my breathe for 8 months. I need to exhale. I need some open space. I need a break. I hope the vacation will recharge my battery for the downhill slide.

Kashiwa Daisuke. At least there's a silver lining.


-6 Degrees Celsius.

It was bitterly cold on Sunday, but I managed to get off my ass and outta the house to take some photos.

Deoksu Palace.

Ellen and me.

King Sejong.

Squishy Koreans.

Ellen and Judy.

Seoul Museum of Art.


I've never seen a finer Jesus.

Hey, Jesus has got a point...
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Robots take over Hagwon-ga

I finished a couple of drawings this weekend.  I feel they accurately depict life on Hagwon-ga. Enjoy.

Polybot 1

Polybot 2