Hot Child in the City

Sometimes technology is so intuitive.

As I walked home tonight, I indulged in a modicum of self-pity.  I say modicum, because my view of "home" has become ever more romanticized, as I am frequently reminded by my incessant, yet bleak, job searches and weather checks.

Anyway, summer is here.

The skies are a "kind of" blue, the masses are "kind of" donning summer weather clothing, and my face is "kind of" freckling.  Kind of, but not quite. Summer in the city officially falls into the" Uncanny Valley " category -- at first glance you think everything is normal. But really, upon further inspection, you are jarred into the reality that the people are, in fact, sporting umbrellas and jackets with the fervor westerners reserve for winter.  And then you are repulsed.

But tonight Poddley, my always trustworthy shuffle, shuffled through to this:

Built to Spill's Carry the Zero.

For years, I have associated this song with road trips to the cabin:

Summer pool parties and backyard BBQs:

Warm summer bike rides to the bar:

*God, I wish I had pics of our "One Gloved" bike ride to honor the passing of The King of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson.  That would have been epic.  Kevin, if you're reading, I still blame you.

But most of all, it reminds me of K&K:

Don't you just love how Kevin looks all innocent in his attempts to serenade Krista, but all he's really doing is looking at her boobs?!

Oh yeah, and this fridge.  Weird how BTS reminds me of a fridge...

The people on this fridge have wandered in and out of my life for the better part of the past 10 years. I've laughed with them and at them; I've bitched with them and at them; I've conspired with them to get Sue McNutt on the "Do Not Deliver" list.

This fridge is like a visual time capsule : there are party pics, graduation announcements, stickers, photo booth pics, souvenir bottle openers, art... the list could go on.  I have spent many sober (and drunken) nights admiring this fridge.  I love this fridge.

And now I'm not sure how to wrap this up, as I've wandered so far from my original train of thought that I'm lost in this No Man's Land of pictures and video and bitching.

So yeah, it's hot and I miss my bike.


Joe Ambrosino said...

Lol! Funny post, kiddo. Isn't it wondrous how certain music, certain songs can transport us to a different time and place so that you can feel it in your skin and on your tongue?

Mindy said...