Step one: We could have lots of fun

Happy June!  The morning dawned bright and shiny -- too bad it also found me with a sore throat and a slight fever. And that's officially my excuse for a picture blog. Way to start off on the right foot, Page.

The Mighty Han.

Exercise is fun.

Hannam Bridge underbelly.

True, blue sky. I enjoyed nature today.

Crop circles.

Bridge Underbelly, part deux.

My wicked hair.

Biker on the Han.

All these pics were taken at Hangang Park.  This was the first sunset I'd seen in a while. No wait, scratch that, I saw the sunset at the beach two weeks ago, but that doesn't count because I had to ride a bus in wicked traffic for three hours to see it. Anyway, I think the pics are pretty fly considering I took them on my super nifty and thrifty camera phone (because I am a retard and forgot my actual camera.)


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