I think I just peed a little...

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. (Oh god, please let this be true.)


2010 is the Year of "Follow Through"

I survived communism and a week's worth of a-MAO-zing jokes at The Chairman's expense.

It snowed a foot in Seoul on Monday. It's Friday and snow removal continues. (Like ACTUAL snow removal, with dumptrucks and forklifts and shit. I'd love to know where they're putting it all...)

Winter solstice means the days are getting longer and I don't have to walk home in the dark.

I missed another Christmas with my family, and according to my mom, they were prime form this year.

I've been without internet for a month and I think I've actually kicked the habit. Except I'm sitting at the Fat Boy PC bang at 11:30 on a Friday night.

An an entire decade's worth of poor choices, debauchery, financial fuck-ups and heartbreak is over. Along with my twenties.

Hello 2010!