More K-Pop fabulousness!

My obsession with the Wonder Girls continues. Enjoy!

The 'well being' list continues

Of course saran wrap and PC bangs are good for your well being.  Sometimes Korea mystifies me...

For those of you keeping track that's:
1. kimchi
2. coffee
3. green tea (ice cream, toothpaste, hell green tea needs its own list.)
4. hot chicken soup
5. Soju
6. burgers
7. beer
8. pizza
9. dog soup

Did I forget anything?


Sarah Silverman might make me do it.

Damnit, and I wasn't gonna vote. Don't skewer me here, people. I know the issues are important, but my big fat BLUE vote goes straight into a sea of RED. I know this is an important election, I watch The Daily Show, but apathy has crept in and I'm starting to care less and less. Does it really matter which party is in charge, they all pander to money and lobbyists? Besides, I don't even know if Idaho will still LET me vote now. It might be too late...


A quick lesson in American Government.

I found this map on my friend's blog, Blogadilla.com, and thought it needed to be shared.  

Every election, Americans start bitching about how effed-up and outdated the electoral college is and that it desperately needs to be changed.  Being from Idaho, I usually get the "I live in a red state, but I vote blue, so my votes count for NOTHING" argument.  However, Tim presents an interesting flipside that I never even considered.  Check it out.