10 Reasons Santa's Not Coming to Korea.

Now that I've done my part in assuring you that I do, in fact, enjoy living in Korea, I can safely poke fun.  This is actually a list compiled by my friend Erica because apparently we have nothing better to do at work than make asinine lists that only those living in Korea will find amusing.

Reasons Santa's Not Coming to Korea.
He got sick off melamine cookies in China.
He's still waiting on his visa.
Dog isn't the only meat that provides "stamina." Look out Blitzen.
Korean parents report, "nice, but not nice enough."
He's tired of taking his boots off at every house.
Wait...where is Korea?
He's tired of taking hits to the sleigh. Apparently N. Korea takes that whole "DMZ" thing pretty seriously.
He's got all the drunken spousal abuse he can handle at home. Why even leave the house?
He's tired of lugging his sack of toys through all those Soviet Bloc apartments. Get a chimney!
Mrs. Clause hates kimchi breath.

*Thanks to Erica, Trevor, and Justin.

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