October Snapshot.

Damn it was a busy month.  A quick rundown:

1. Made it to the Jinju Lantern Festival with Janet, Erica, Liz, and Trevor in early October. Slept in the tightest pension, toured Jinju Fortress with the amazing fall colors, and saw more than one Korean tranny.  Check the rest of the pics here.

Jinju Fortress.

Jinju Fortress.

Thousands of Buddhas.

Russian Nesting Dolls.

Lantern Festival.

2. Finally loving my job.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) Poly makes that insanely difficult, but if I block out all their bullsh!t and focus on what really matters, I find myself enjoying every minute of my day.  Good thang I got that degree in Criminal Justice...

3. I feel good. Really good.  Better than I have in any fall past, I think.  It's a strange feeling, this sense of joy and calm that has taken over my psyche. Usually fall sucks. Like REALLY sucks. But my supreme optimism is winning. Take that, 'Glass half empty, pessimistic American version of Mindy!'

4. Sara came to Seoul, and oh did we have some fun.  One giant house party, one stolen purse, a long hike up Moraksan, some sleepin' over, MANY amazing Stone meals, much pointing and staring, a Tiger Woods sighting, fuzzy bunnies in Beomgye, many 'Anyung Haseos' and 'Kamsahamnidas' and an AMAZING night in Hongdae that ended with a third place costume contest finish.  I'd say the trip was a success!

Making new friends in Insa-dong!

Justin's 2nd Anniversary Party.

Seoul Tower is for lovers.

The King and the world's tallest Girl Scout!

5. The Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia relay team rocked Seoul.  Thanks girls for an amazing night!

Suited up and ready for the race.

Ready, set, TEACH.

The entire relay team.

FYROM in Hongdae.

Bar Boom, Hongdae.

I'm looking forward to the next two months, but many thangs will change. Jeju Round 2 coming up in a few weeks, then Dawn makes her Asian debut. And then Tim and Janet leave. Much sadness will steal my heart as I will miss gossip and homemade chicken wraps and mayhem...  Eeek, I've gotta stop!


Kristi said...

Thank God you're back on. I've been missing your reports, your insight, and your wit. I wonder how long you will be there. It looks like we may not see you this summer...

Miss Mindy said...

It was a busy month. I feel like I took one huge gulp of air on October first and finally got to exhale yesterday. Hope all is well! Miss you tons;)

Dawn said...

yay! Korea+Dawn+Mindy