Monuments to Consumerism OR Lotte's Plan for World Domination

Today was Pepero Day.  What?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  
Every year on 11/11 people buy massive amounts of pepero snacks to celebrate, um, snacking? Anyway, peperos are long slender sticks made from who knows what and are often dipped or coated in chocolate.  Sometimes other flavors are added like crushed almonds or mint (or crack, as was the case today.)  They are a mighty tasty treat, but really South Korea, and entire holiday?

These are the kind you get if the kids LOVE you...

And this is what everyone else gets.

Korea celebrates everything.  They literally will invent a festival or holiday to commemorate anything, but I think Pepero Day takes the cake.  

I will concede that Americans have their fair share of useless holidays meant for people to spend money or consume copious amounts of candy. (OR alcohol. St. Patrick's Day anyone?) 

So, in no particular order, here are some of the more ridiculous holidays:

Black Friday is literally an entire day to buy, buy, buy. People line up at the ass-crack of dawn in the freezing cold to get smoking hot deals on more crap they don't need.

Buy Nothing Day  America, you're not fooling anybody.

Autistic Pride Day Kind of an oxymoron, as apathetic seems to be the best adjective I've used to describe most people on the Autism spectrum.  Apathetic people rarely take pride in anything, right?

Singles Awareness Day Please don't send me your sad forwards; I'm well aware that I'm single, thank you very much.  And no I will NOT attend your "girls only" snoozefest cocktail party.

Might as well put Valentine's Day up here as well.  A whole day created to make men a little bit poorer and women a little bit more pissed off -- brilliant!

And I guess one could argue that any holiday Americans have "borrowed" from other cultures and perverted qualifies as well.  Damn, that includes any holiday spent either drunk or in a sugar coma.

Oh, and what about certain religious holidays?  (You know who you are?!)  One could certainly argue that when a sacred religious day has been reduced to a jolly old man or a giant fuzzy bunny that the day has indeed become useless.

Damn, that went south fast didn't it? Really puts Pepero Day into perspective I suppose...


Ellen's Shaky Puddin' said...

Dearest you linked Autistic pride Day to Singles Awareness Day.
Are you trying to make some kind of joke?. .because I must say I chuckled.

Mindy said...


Lucky Starfish said...

You can get the lame-o ones here in the states... at Walmart in fact. They are called 'Pocky' and you can even get them in strawberry.

Dawn said...

"the ass-crack of dawn"
I thought we talked about using this phrase??Not gonna lie, its not my favorite and my friends are banned from using such language! Banned I tell you, Banned!!! muuuuahahahahaha