Thanksgiving Feast

So I just realized I've posted more this month than in any month past.  Maybe I DO have a lot a free time.  Whatever.
Last night was our Thanksgiving feast at Justin's. It was spectacular. Normally I think Thanksgiving is a big ol' waste of time.  I mean, come on, a holiday centered around the complete massacre and subsequent takeover of an entire race of natives?  Not really a time to celebrate.  But I digress.  This day I truly had much to be thankful for.  That, and the food was phenomenal. 

I gotta say that Justin and Jamie know how to throw a good dinner party. These two men single-handedly (or would that be double-handedly) put together a damn good traditional American meal in a country where kimchi is the shit.  Hell, a week ago Justin didn't even own an oven. 

The menu?  Turkey, of course, with what Justin called a 'bacon yarmulke', sourdough bread stuffing (WITH breakfast sausage), homemade hobak juk, mashed sweet potatoes, good old garlic mashed potatoes, a delightful waldorf salad, the most amazing candied yams, Amanda's kick ass green bean casserole, and potato soup (come on, potatoes are really easy to get in Korea!) Oh, and green salad. But who wants salad when there's so much fatty deliciousness in which to partake?!  

It was actually a really good time spent with really good people.  My mom called late last night to see how dinner went and it broke my heart a little to tell her that, although I love her, this was possibly one of the best Thanksgivings. Well, except for the FIRST Thanksgiving.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.  
Anyway, I love the sense of community that living in a foreign country provides and it was really awesome to see all of my friends and coworkers cooking and cleaning and chatting and enjoying themselves.  Even if there was no pumpkin pie.  Check the pics here.

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