I like photography.  For many years I forgot that I liked photography.  Korea has reminded me that I like photography.  And now I have a new obsession -- picnik.
Taking pictures is fun.  Editing, manipulating, and tweaking them is even more fun.  Check it:

I took this pic last summer at Hyeopjae Beach in Jeju.  It was a weird day.  Hot and sticky, of course, but then these clouds rolled in and generally cast a pall over the beach.  I was feeling more than a little lethargic at this point.  I'd been in a funk all day; unfortunately I failed to convey that in this pic.

This was my test run shot on picnik.  I think the the sky and the clouds and the sand  look eerie. I was feeling really bizarre that day, not myself at all.  The contrast of colors and the highs and lows capture my emotions far better than the original ever could.

Damn, I wish I had more free time...

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Marcie Jo said...

Thanks for the new obsession. (^_^)