The Kiddies

I loved my job at home. LOVED it. I do not love my job in Korea. I'm not sure I even really like it. However, I do like my kids. Wanna see 'em?!

These are my "Shiny Golden Dragons". Okay not really, they're just first graders, but every time we play a game involving teams, they all want to be the "Shiny Golden Dragons". Go figure.

The ladies of S1-5. I hate to play favorites, but I really love Jane and Yura. Jane is in blue with the sweet pink glasses and Yura is sulking in the corner because she was feeling "icky".

Me: "Squish together! If you're in the front, sit down so we can see the smiling faces in the back!"
Them: "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!"
They're gonna be good Korean pushers!

William diving for the camera. Everyday this kid says, "Mindy Teacha, thank you for teaching us!" Love it.

Anna Banana and Little Jenny Foo Foo. Yeah, and they know the song. Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest...

My class of precocious, rowdy second grade girls, showing their ferosh side to the camera.

Sophia the wood nymph.

Tomorrow? The third graders. We'll see if they love the camera as much as these cheeky little monkeys did!


Kristi said...

Well, your job may not be all it's cracked up to be, but it's easy to see why the kiddos can keep ya goin' back everyday. Somedays I wish mine were cute and small, but most days I am grateful they are not. What fun!!!
Keep the news/pix comin'.

~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Your kids are so cute! I bet they say the funniest stuff. I was picturing tiny businessmen and women coming into your class. Or uniforms.

msmary said...

Little Bunny Foo Foo! I remember singing that with you when you were little.You were so cute and how fun that you taught little Korean kids that song! Email me,maryleiby@msn.com.I have ni address for you,lots going on here too.We moved and I got a great job. Talk to you soon.