Just a few things...

I have some short and random stories I feel the need to share. In no particular order:
1. The number of funny thangs that come out of my kids' mouths never cease to amaze me. A fine nugget...(Wait, this needs a preface. Vicki is not bright. Hell, she's not even dim. I don't think her bulb is even plugged in) 
Vicki: "Teacher, where are you from?"
Me: "The U.S."
Vicki: "Teacher, but where?"
Me: "Idaho." This is usually met with blank stares. I quickly recover by saying it's near California. They ALL know California.
Vicki: "Teacher, you don't know?" Does this translate when reading, 'cause I was laughing my ass off?!
And another...
(Another preface. Sally is smart. And funny.)
Sally: "Teacher, who is Eleanor Roosevelt?"
Me: "She was the wife of an important American President."
Sally: "So?"
My thoughts exactly, Sally.

2. In my Korean life I am very clumsy. Not only have I fallen down the stairs on multiple occasions, but I have also cut my hand while making my bed (yeah, don't ask) and cut and bruised my foot WHILE SEATED on the bus. It seems everywhere I go I manage to slip, slide, and bump into anything around me. I even managed to bash my knee into the railing while STATIONARY on the escalator. Needless to say, I am a wee bit nervous about my upcoming vacation. I think Korea is trying to kill me.

3. Mudfest in Boryeong last weekend. Check the pics here.

4. Kids touch me all day.  They poke me, prod me, and make every attempt to generally annoy me.  I am unperturbed.  I am invincible.  That is, until I received a full-on nipple twist from a female student.  Little Jenny Foo Foo (see previous post) thought it pertinent to reach out and squeeze me.  Obviously I exercised great restraint as I am still employed.

5. Skype is amazing. 

That's all.


Kayci said...

Was the little one playing Tune in Tokyo? We should get you an armor suit!

Miss Mindy said...

Or, as my entire office likes to joke, wrap me in bubble wrap. I'll take neither thanks!

Kristi said...

I hope the pix you take on your upcoming vacation (some of the sights look breath-taking, can't wait to see you in front of them) are as good as mud festival pix. How does one keep one's camera unscathed at a mud festival?

Miss Mindy said...

An insanely overpriced instant waterproof camera. Worth every won!