So it took me one looonnng week, but I have finally replaced my cell phone. Yay. And hooray for the two awesome people who work at LG Telecom. They were patient, accommodating, and ridiculously nice all three times I tried to get this task accomplished. It was only this afternoon that I discovered, along with my cell phone, they threw in a cellphone cover, mirror sticker and the ubiquitous cell phone charm FOR FREE. Nevermind that I will never use any of these items, it's the thought that counts.

Now, if I were counting, I'd say that's at least 3 points for Korean cell phone companies. We'll add that to their points for superior coverage, phones with FREE TV, and cheap plans that only charge for outgoing calls and I'd say they're kicking AT&T's ass. I feel spoiled.


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Hurray!! Please send me a message with your new number! :)

SenoritaChelsea said...

Well I hope I can find a cellphone company that I can brag so much about when I go down to Ecuador!

supa dupa fly said...

lg seems like the company to go with if youre not korean, they're nice!

suggestion: change your comment settings so that comments appear in a pop up window, its more reader friendly.

im GLAD you registered with the embassy, it's easy to do online and takes little time and hey, JUST IN CASE!:)