It's the Fourth and I have no sunburn

Friday was the Fourth of July.

Normally I would celebrate by awaking early from the morning sunlight reflecting off Lake Chelan and streaming through my window. I would curse the early sunrise and roll back over, but the lake would beckon me. Besides, direct sunlight begins to fade around 4 and it's one hell of a cold swim after that. So I would get up. I might stumble downstairs around 8 am and make myself some breakfast from the plethora of cereals I have come to associate with being at the Grout's. I might take my cereal to the deck. Eh, I might eat it in front of the TV with Ben and Hailey (the cabin has cable!) Slowly, the remainder of the Grout's would begin to wake -- they're late sleepers -- and we would chat about the finer points of sunscreen application.

The day would pass lazily on the deck. The company would be comfortable and the conversation would be easy. We are all so familiar to one another. Stephanie and Chris would fry. Sally and Doug would take Ben and Hailey to mini golf and ice cream at the Alpenhorn. The boys would take the boat out and I would devour all the books and chips I could get my hands on.
Later, the men would grill. Sally would slice fruit for the ever-present fruit salad and Steph, Chris and I would make fresh salsa and guacamole to tide us over until dinner is ready. And then we would watch fireworks.

For me, this is the epitome of contentedness. I am rarely homesick in Korea, so my emotion surrounding this holiday caught me off guard. It's a good thing I had all that soju to help make me feel better.

Oh, and I lost my phone. Happy Fourth of July!


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

So sorry you miss your country. Today I could barely see the mountains, thanks to smoke from fireworks and California. Welcome back to reality! lol Maybe you can kick it in Geumchon and feel a little better?

Miss Mindy said...

I don't miss my COUNTRY, I miss the familiarity. There's a BIG difference. And I can rarely see the mountains, so there!

StephieMac said...

Aw, this posting made me a bit misty. Next year our dear Mindy. If it makes you feel any better it was sooo not the same without you. Floating and swimming solo was not as fulfilling. Also, note to self, computers are NOT allowed next year. It really distracted me from my reading time (and "others" from everything, we won't name names)...

Kayci said...

I love the pictures. I am sure the lake missed you just as much!

Anne-Marie Lafortune said...

Love your blog too!! Where is that!? Looks heavenly! I'm leaving in a month and definitely want to check this place out ;)

As for sea kayaking in Jeju, it's available pretty much everywhere. I've seen at Hamdeok beach (north) and Hyeopjae (west) beach as well, but they should also have it at Jungmun resort (south).

Hamdeok and Hyeopjae are beautiful beaches, and you should check out Gwakji beach if you get a chance ~ also white sand a clear blue water like the other two, but even better!! :)

Of course if you have time you should go to Udo island (on the west side, near sunrise peak) - the boat ride is short, cheap, the island is relatively small but incredibly gorgeous and the beaches are great!

Hope you had a blast in Jeju, it's deffo the best time of the year to visit!!