Things I love about Korea

It seems that every day I find weird, quirky and off-the-wall things to giggle at here in Korea.  Like the corn dogs.  I mean, corn dogs are inherently disgusting, no?  Mystery meat wrapped in corn breading and deep-fried to perfection.  Slather in it some spicy mustard and you've got yerself a truly American treat.  How could this possibly be improved upon, you ask.  By frying that sucker up with some crinkle cut fries, of course.  Yeah, it's one big glob of carb-laden deliciousness. Try eating that off a stick.

Oh, and the sunglasses.  For those of who don't know me (all 5 of you), I have a serious sunglass obsession.  I prolly left at least 8 pair at home.  (In the spirit of living simply, of course.)  But here in Korea my obsession can flourish because in every subway stop there's an amazing spread of Kanye West inspired shades in every color.  It's pure eighties Ray-Ban heaven and I'm in love.  I mean, check these out.  They even match my earrings...

Oh yes, there's more.  I love the overwhelming (and I do mean overwhelming) number of t-shirts with jumbled English phrases.  Phrases is really an inappropriate word, though.  It's more like someone opened a dictionary, flipped the pages and randomly pointed to a word. Imagine doing this 5 or 6 times and stringing those words together in hopes of making something coherent.  It might go something like this: Shout NYNY live make sing.  Not even remotely close to a sentence, but humorous nonetheless.

Among the other things I love are the spotlessly clean subways, my new found respect for Korean women who wear heels EVERYWHERE all day and still manage to walk upright, men who offer to carry their woman's purse (so manly!), the shiny, fashionable Korean suits (and ties for that matter), fruit on a stick, eating ice cream everyday, and the fact that Korean kids can rock an entire eighties look from head to toe with absolutely no irony.  Oh, and grown men with bowl haircuts.  What's not to love?

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