10 Semi-interesting "Facts"

It has been a long weekend, full of exploring, reckless picture-taking, and some questionable food.  Here's the quick and dirty:

1. Fried chicken and beer ain't just for the Dirrty South -- the Koreans like it too! Along with intestines, dried squid, and spice.  I've had heartburn ever since I set foot in this country.
2. Yeah and they like their soju, too.  Korean vodka, sold in bottles and consumed EVERYWHERE.  Goes down pretty smooth, though.
3. Talking sh$t about yer cabbie in English is perfectly acceptable.  I don't think I'll jump on this train...
4. It's insanely easy to catch a cab here -- all you have to do is step to the curb.  Many cabs stopped for me in Seoul yesterday, but I just wanted to gawk at all the tall buildings.  Remember I'm from Idaho.
5. I think Seoul is the quietest big city.  You can take two steps off the main street and be in a neighborhood that is shockingly devoid of hustle and bustle.
6. I heart mass public transportation!
7. I think my "liaison" played a joke on me.  When asked about interesting places to visit in Seoul, he sent me to the ghetto.
8. Americans would kill themselves before they devoted an entire day to children.  Yesterday was Children's Day, a holiday apparently, and kids and parents were EVERYWHERE.  I believe American Children's Day is Christmas.  Not the same.
9. Before I got here, someone told me Koreans weren't all that into fashion.  This is a lie.  They are uber-trendy.
10. Korean women remind me of my grandma in heels --they think they're appropriate everywhere.

Way too many pics to post here, check 'em out on Flickr

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Kristi said...

Ok, I have read through all you've put so far, and looked at your pix. Your rock, baby!!! I have been to Tokyo. Sadly, the humidity is what I remember the most. And I remember Karen told you about the complexion issue. I hope you are having a great time. I'm a little jealous over here, working in a trailer, the next thing in my future is packing the trailer, good times! I look forward to your next post.