The Korean diet is in full swing.  And by diet I mean "a total lack of anything fabulous and substantial to eat in the past two weeks, so it's no wonder my pants are loose."  So far, so bad, as Korean food has not been my favorite.  Until tonight.  Sunny and I were walking home from school tonight when I was so totally starving, ravenous and altogether HUNGRY that I broke down and opted for some greasy street food.  And it was my favorite Korean moment.  Even better that subway sunglasses.

You see, Korean children go to school all day.  I mean ALL DAY.  My street is filled with somewhere around 100 schools and kids come pouring out between the hours of 8 and 11 PM.  They're hungry, they're tired and they just want a quick, delicious meal they can eat while riding the bus home.  Enter the street vendor, peddling spicy food, fried food, food on a stick, AND food that comes "double-cupped", as it were.  See, I ordered these fried chicken nugget and tater tot things that came in a 16 oz cup.  The geniosity is that it's really a small cup in a larger cup.  The small cup is filled with food and the larger cup is filled with yer drink.  Stick a straw in it, put the smaller cup in the larger cup and you have the ultimate meal on the go.  All for 1,000 won or about $1.  Food can make me so happy...

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