The nicest bus driver EVER

So Sunny and I spent the day in Seoul today.  We walked, we shopped, we chatted and we took some pictures.  Okay, I took some pictures, but come on, my mom's depending on me... 
Anyway, we were gone for hours, and after making him walk the entire length of Cheonggyecheon Stream just so I could take a picture of a waterfall I saw on wikipedia, we were both pretty tired.  

We hopped the subway home and commenced some serious 
people watching.  After spitting us out at Beomgye Station, Sunny 
was ready to shop some more.  Me?  I was ready to GO HOME.  
As I turned around, Sunny said "there's yer bus," so I took off.  

Know where this story's going?  Yeah, I caught the wrong bus.  I noticed about 90 seconds into the ride when we took a right turn AWAY from my neighborhood.  However, instead of getting off, I decided to see where it went. I must have had the most puzzled look on my face, because the driver asked me, in English, where my stop was.  I had no way of telling him because my street has no name!  Arrgghhhh.  

Anyway, I rode the bus for another few minutes, that is until he flipped a U and everyone got off.  And the bus driver started laughing!  He knew I had caught the wrong bus!  I asked if he was going back to Beomgye Station, where I could catch the 6 to take me home.  He nodded and continued laughing.  We had a nice chat on the way home and he dropped me a few stops before Beomgye so I could catch the 6 on time. Oh, and he honked good-bye!  Too nice.


Auntie P... said...

Ok..I too am a bit challenged with this whole Blog thing..did it work?

Auntie P... said...

K..tested it..and I'm in!....SO happy that you made it safe...and Oh so proud of you! I would say I'd come for a visit...but nah!!
maybe if you were in Tahiti....alright, take good care..xoxo Auntie Patty