Wigs, Wizards, and Jacob Black's Abs

At the movie theater, waiting to see Eclipse: We Spent Our Entire Budget on Bella's Wig and Had Nothing Leftover for the Peons.

Me: Ahh, I can't wait for Harry Potter.  BTW, why in the hell does Lithuania have a release date for Deathly Hallows and Korean's got nothing?!
Casey: Because Hogwarts is really close to Lithuania.

And later:

Casey: Mindy -- oh my god... *giggles uncontrollably*
Me: (groggily) What? I was just resting my eyes.  I heard everything.
Casey: I should have known you were asleep. You were quiet for, like, the last ten minutes.

(I have an extremely low tolerance for cheese and have an uncontrollable need to narrate, asshole-style, when the cheese-factor reaches epidemic levels.  Which it did.)

And later still, after Jacob's valiant attempts to battle the vampire Blah Blah (I have no recollection of names here, people) find him with multiple cracked ribs, writhing in pain.   The gang is gathered outside Jake's house, waiting for word from Father Cullen.

Me: Doesn't this remind you of when Baby's dad went to check on Penney after she got that really horrible abortion and everyone was waiting around the cabin to see if she was gonna, like, live?
Casey: Go take off that make-up. You look like a whore.

Aren't movies fun?

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