Today was the big day, the day Taco Bell threw open its doors to welcome me and my bulging wallet with crunchy taco supremes and mild sauce galore.  But I didn't go.  I wanted to go.  I rode the bus all the way to Itaewon with a grumbling belly and high expectations.  When my bus rolled past its doors, however, what I saw made me bust out laughing -- a line o' white people wrapped all the way around to Itaewon station.  It was bedlam!  (This is particularly funny because the bar next door is called 'Bedlam'.  Sometimes I kill me.)  Instead, I opted for a quiet trip to Myeong Dong for some shopping zen.

I know, I know, there was so much build up to this day, how could I possibly bitch out on my beloved, you may ask.  Well, because I ATE THERE ON WEDNESDAY!!!!  Ha ha, suckas!

It started Wednesday morning when Casey heard from a friend via the interwebs that Taco Bell was open.  He said people were streaming outta the restaurant and it definitely looked like business as usual.  Not wanting to get my hopes up, I told her my friend Liz said the same thang LAST Sunday.  We all know how that turned out.*  I stewed on this tidbit until lunch, when my friend James ever-so-politely asked if I was headed to Itaewon after work.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Because Taco Bell is doing a 'soft opening' before the Grand Opening on Sunday," He ever-so-politely replied.

"Do not get her hopes up, James! She's fragile this afternoon!" Casey implored.

AHHHHHH! I scoured the internets searching for confirmation of this alleged 'soft opening' but could find nothing.  The only way to find out was to haul my ass back up to Itaewon for confirmation.  Uggh.

All my hard work was rewarded, however, when I rolled off the bus to find my lover waiting patiently for my arrival.  She was shiny and sparkling new, just as I'd never remembered her.  I scoured the menu for my favorites; they were all there: Crunchy Taco Supremes, Nachos Bellgrande, Bean Burritos, oh my! I queued up and waited patiently for my turn.  Casey said I was glowing.  Shit yes, I was.

We both ordered and within minutes had our trays in hand, ready to dive in.  And we were not disappointed.  That first crunchy bite was like tasting America herself.  Nothing in Korea has reminded me so much of home.  It was awesome.

Burrito Supreme, Crunchy Taco Supreme, and in true Korean Fashion , a Nachos Bellgrande to share. WIN!

Is it completely vain that I wished for the opening to be a rumor, as I had not showered before work on Wednesday?  Dammit, I knew there'd be picture-taking... 

Nom nom nom...

*I would personally like to thank Marty for being a friend of a friend in this vast abyss we call the interwebs.  Without his word of mouth, I'd prolly still be standing in line tonight, anxiously awaiting Taco Bell Bliss.  Oh yeah, and thanks Facebook for being my home away from home at work.

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