If people-watching were an actual career, I'd be CEO of that shit

Sometimes (oh fuck, MOST of the time) I need quaint reminders as to why I choose to live 5000 miles from my friends and family.  Last night all it took was a little cheesy samgyupsal, a vinyl bag and some wicked people-watching.  Thanks, Hongdae.

I love street art.

Justin being super creepy at Go-Go's

The Hongdae Biker Brigade

Ho Bar II. One of FOUR Ho Bars in Hongdae. 
Still not enough to service all of Hongdae's Hos.

Open container laws are nonexistent. 
Cue the Instant Bar in a Park, complete with friendly Korean bartenders.

You know I'm a sucker for social sleepers
This is perhaps the finest specimen ever caught on film.*

A favorite.

Shiny, happy people.

*I haven't actually used film in a camera since my high school photography class, but whatever.  You get the idea.

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