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Well, it's been another *super* productive weekend. I took a pretty sweet vacation and five months later I've finally posted all my Thailand and Cambodia pics. And because Flickr is SO awesome, my account expired, making it impossible to view anything more than the 200 most recent photos. Whatever. You didn't really want to see photo after photo of white sandy beaches and clear aqua seas, did you? Maybe if I wasn't so cheap I'd pony up the $24.95 for another year's worth of photo storage. My hard drive is begging me to clear up space and it's cheaper than an external HD. Maybe next payday...

(Oh and mom, if you're reading this, I NEED a new camera before China. The Sony Cybershot has served me well on four continents through many dents and dings, five summers of sandy beach excursions, countless drunken parties, and most recently, looks of awe and pity at the fact that I'm still using this dinosaur of a camera. However, it's time to retire the old gal. She's tired and worn out, her video truly blows AND there's a permanent spot on the lens which makes every image look as though I've taken pictures in a sauna. So thanks in advance for my shiny new piece of electronic wizardry.)

Anyway, you can check most of the pics here. A little something to get you started...

Long Beach, Ko Phi Phi.

After a day on Maya Bay.

Wat Pho, Bangkok.

God how I love monks. Especially prepubescent monks. Bangkok.

Proof that my video sucks. I tried to upload Sunny's videos, but his superior camera takes awesomely LARGE videos. Too big for blogger. Anyway, enjoy my witty narration as I happen upon one of the most exotic and endangered birds in all of Cambodia.

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