The dating game

The jig is up. The cat's outta the bag. I've seen the wizard behind the curtain.

Korea, you thought you could play coy with me, like some inexperienced lover who just wants to be taught, but I'm on to you. You'll never change. You're too young and stubborn and I've grown weary of playing teacher. I need a real man to satisfy my needs; one who employs waste management personnel and policemen with the capacity to grow facial hair. I need a man with a diverse palate and penchant for sports NOT played with a shuttlecock. I want a hulking dude who enjoys T & A, scoffs at man-bags and knows that women are more than baby-makers. I need a man who isn't self-conscious or petty or stingy. I want a man with opinions and creativity and ingenuity and follow-through.

In short, I need a grown-up, Korea.

Our love affair is coming to an end. I think we both knew it, but neither of us wanted to admit it. We've had some amazing times together, Korea, but I think it's time to move on.

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