One more reason I heart Yura Han

I am sick. As in put my head in a vice, I can't stop shivering, goddamn these multiple trips to the bathroom in an hour kinda sick. So I'm home.
I woke up this morning (or maybe it was last night) to my phone ringing and vibrating under my pillow.

Me- Hello (in my sickest and most pathetic voice.)

Little voice on the other end- Mindy Teacher, why are you sick?

Me- Yura, is that you?  

Yura- Yes.  Why are you sick?  When will you be better?  I miss you Mindy Teacher.

Me- I miss you too, Yura.  I don't know why I'm sick.  Maybe I will be better on Wednesday.

Yura- Okay.  My mother wants to talk to you.

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.  How stinkin' cute is she?  

After our short conversation, Yura's mom got on the line and asked me the same line of questions. Then she said she is sad for me as I am sick in a country with no family and no one to take care of me.  I assured her that my friends have been looking after me and I'll prolly survive.  Oh, she was having none of that.  She asked me if I'd seen the doctor, if I had any ginseng tea and if I knew where Baekje Samgyetang was located.  No to the doctor and ginseng and yes to the smelly Korean chicken soup restaurant, I answered.  Then she suggested a regime for my recovery.  First, she would send some ginseng tea to school with Yura for Tracy to bring to me.  Next, order the stuffed ginseng chicken from Baekje Samgyetang, a third of which I would eat now, and the remainder I could freeze for a later date.  Finally, visit the doctor.  Then I would be better.

She was so caring and concerned for my wellbeing (wellbeing is VERY important in Korea), that I could hardly argue with anything she said.  So now I await my ginseng tea delivery.


Dawn said...

This is -likely- one of my favorite posts!

Kristi said...

My computer is a complete piece of shit. Love laptops.... So, the letter I thought I sent you is not only stuck in my outbox, which I now cannot get to, the document continually says it is 'recovered' but will absolutely not let me open or read it any longer. So, is it too late to get you a letter???

Mindy said...

No!! It's all good. I got rec letters from two former bosses, so I think all is well. Computers DO suck, though.

StephieMac said...

That is too stinkin cute!!!