Korean kids know weird stuff

I'm a little obsessed with the Peter Bjorn and John song 'Young Folks'. As such, I have been forcing it down my kids' throats for the past week or so.  It's a good song -- chill beat and lots of whistling, and the video is pretty cool too.

On Monday night I pulled the video up and hit play while my kids worked on some workbook BS. And then a funny thang happened -- when it got to the chorus one of my KOREAN FOURTH GRADERS started to sing along. I was totally astounded and taken aback. How could it be that this Korean child is hip to some chill Swedish indie tunes, especially surrounded by the krap that is *most* K-Pop?! (My Wonder Girls are excluded, of course.) 

"Teacher, Nintendo," he says.  Ahhh, of course.  Apparently Peter Bjorn and John were featured on the FIFA 08 video game soundtrack, along with a bunch  of other artists from around the world. 

Nintendo: Making the world a smaller place, one gamer at a time. Pretty cool.

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