Bull Fighting OR BullS Fighting?

This weekend I went to a bullfight. Or rather, I went to see some bulls fight. As in no matador, no cape, and very little blood and gore. In Korea, the bulls are trained to fight each other -- a kinder, gentler bullfight, if you will. Fine by me. Animal blood and gore (not to mention human blood and gore) seriously gross me out, so watching two bulls battle, literally, head to head was gross-out free, if a little anti-climactic.

And I got to ride the train. Hooray for bar cars.

These two ladies took pictures of themselves for a good 20 minutes on the ride home. Damn Korean vanity.

Bulls fighting, Cheongdo.

Intense, right?!

Bulls fighting.

Ellen and I were like the bull paparazzi.

Amy, Ellen, me, Erica and Jeff at Haeundae Beach.

Amy, Ellen and me rockin' the Kanyes.

Party at U2.

Norae Bang in the bar car!!

The were less than thrilled to have their picture taken.  Now they know how we feel...

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Amanda said...

Definitely LUV the shades...and I love the groupie shot of you with the young Korean military...the only thing that would have made this pic better, would have been if you found a posse of B-boyz to pose with!