Can 43 million Koreans be wrong?

*Disclaimer: I think Koreans are smart. You can draw your own conclusions.

Well it's summer here in Korea and the number of fan deaths ought to be reaching epidemic proportions REALLY soon.  
Oh, you've never heard of fan death?  Hmm, perhaps that's because you do not live in Korea. Or maybe it's because you are not Korean and fan death only strikes those fatally individualistic Koreans. OR, perhaps it's because you are not krazy.

This belief is so ridiculous and absurd I can't even get it up to make fun, so yeah, Koreans believe in "fan death."  Apparently when Koreans (yes, only Koreans) fall asleep in a sealed room with the fan on, said fan chops up the oxygen particles, creating less oxygen for the Korean to breathe.  Or maybe the fan just creates a vortex.  Who knows?  Fans manufactured and sold here even come with a timer, lest you fall asleep and fan death strikes.  It's so prevalent, wikipedia has dedicated an entire page to educating the masses.

I'm just gonna go ahead and lump "fan death" with tongue cutting and yummy dog meat.  Decide for yourself.


StephieMac said...

Considering that I have spent 85% of my life sleeping with fans on at night (they are my security blanket) I must have died a loooong time ago. Or at least it explains my lack of brain cells...

sindyseagull said...

this was one of the first things, my friends in korea told me upon arriving here. i almost think its comparable to american's fascination with ufo's, which most of my students think is complete rubbish. so which school do you work at, is it the poly...something?

Miss Mindy said...

Oooh, UFO's, I hadn't thought of that. My friend compared fan death to my belief that American beef contains shit. He said I'm living my own version of "fan death". Whatever. Yes, I work for Poly Returnee. You?

~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Just, wow. And, I don't know what is worse: fan death or eating shitty beef? hmmm