One more reason to stay abroad...

Woe is the American consumer who finds himself driving the proverbial "gas guzzling SUV" from the 'burbs five days a week, for the price of a barrel has hit ANOTHER all time high.  Sick.  At those prices even my beloved Hyundai ceases to be thoroughly economical.  Luckily I live in the land of amazing, efficient and CLEAN public transportation.  MY weekly transpo costs run about 10,000 won.  That's around ten bucks, suckas!

Oh, and apparently I can't be bothered to type transportation one more time...


Kristi said...

I miss you. Summer school starts tomorrow. Our half-assed version of it anyway. 3 weeks of half days, then pack it up and move it across town. I check your blog at least once a week. You rock!!!

katekyosi said...

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Auntie P... said...

Soo...looks like you are surving...in the krazy World of Korea...so what about the SHOES....like size 5's...Korea like feet..me want more shoes...you have to keep me in the loop of fashion, well, besides the matchy thing...not so much...Hope your doing well..rain??? lots of Rain??? whats up with that...take good care and yes please stay off the stairs..xoxo auntie p*

~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

That Kate Kyosi girl really wants you to work for her. DO you work for institute? Cuz, ya know, it is ok.