Mother's milk, jellyfish, and Andrew Teacher's wandering eyes

This is Andrew, my co-teacher:

He is a tasty dish, no?

On Friday, he got all spiffy and came to work in a tie and dress pants.  The kids said he looked like a husband.  Me?  Well I rolled into work looking like I'd hopped the 6AM train from hell with just enough time to change my clothes, scrub the bed sheet creases outta my cheeks and throw on a hoodie. Or you know, a No-Shower Friday. Typical.

Anyway, after my kids saw Andrew, one of them was apparently inspired to write this gem.  In it's entirety:
Mindy Teacher and Andrew Teacher is married.  Mindy has a baby in her belly. (We just learned 'belly'. Hello, retention!)  When they married Andrew Teacher and Mindy Teacher kissed. (You bet yer sweet ass we did.)  After nine months the baby was born.  Mindy Teacher and Andrew Teacher was happy.  Mindy Teacher made mother's milk.  Mindy Teacher feed the baby mother's milk.  Andrew Teacher saw Mindy Teacher's jellyfish.  (Blue Class slang for boobies.  And also, note the use of possessive nouns.  So proud!)  So Mindy was surprized so Mindy Teacher yelled "don't look at my jellyfish!"  And the baby was surprized so the baby cried.  -Ashley Kwan
There are literally no words for how proud I felt.  Vocab retention and use of possessive nouns?! Hallelujah, they ARE learning!


BeautifulRapture said...

Haha... I loved it! Especially the part about not looking at your jellyfish then the baby crying. Priceless.

Miss Welcome said...

You had me at the title. It's the same everywhere, it seems. I spent the two years out of college in Taiwan playing teacher. (Now I play one in France). I also played one in Africa. One of the best essays involved a nursing student's description of how she was going to help her victims. Oh yes, and major partying and getting home on motorcycle with no helmut.

Lizzie said...

Mindy Teacher. It's been too long since I've stalked you. Hi. I miss you. and I love that your class has nicknamed your boobies jellyfish. That. is. awesome. really awesome.