Extremely Frustrating and Incredibly Boring

So yeah, I finished the damn book and was utterly... UNDERWHELMED. The ending was so frustratingly devoid of, well, anything. Kind of like this post.

So here:

My second favorite ginger, Josh Homme, lending the "What, What in the Butt" guy a little harmony.

Happy Hump Day!


Tuttle said...

The book was really, really good--until the ending. To have the whole search end in meaninglessness is to be avoided, I think, if you want people to read another one of your books.

WTH do editors do anymore, anyways?

Mindy said...

right?! uggh, i was so in love for about 12 hours, then it all came crashing down in the most ho-hum ending. have you read "everything is illuminated"?