all grown up

it's almost my un-birthday.  a vignette, if you will, of my day:

a birthday note from The Artist Formerly Known as Ashley.  in an incredibly gracious move, ashley has foresaken her name so that ashlee, the newest member of blue class, may continue to operate uninterrupted. (nothing stalls an esl student like a name change. well maybe articles, but that's another post.)  i think she's enjoying the new identity. and also, she included my old bitch shelby in the birthday note. gotta love a brown noser.

blue class singing "happy birthday jesus." apparently our savior's big day takes precedence over my 30th. 

a different kind of birthday note from my SK ladies. they know me too well.

apple crisp LIVE! it's no queso LIVE!, but it definitely hit the spot.

"today birthday." 
i might wear this everyday. thanks to jon and jinhee for indulging my ridiculousness. also, ignore the laundry in the background. i can only be so much of an adult in one day.


Anonymous said...
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Joe Ambrosino said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo. I loved the video of the kids singing happy birthday to Jesus. Did they follow it up with, "How old are you, now?"

Mindy said...

nope, but they have surprised me with a raucous "happy birthday" when i enter the classroom in the morning. what a way to start the day!