A Day at the Han's

I just saw a Korean chick wearing the same shirt as me. Does this mean I've been in Korea too long, or that my Fly American Style is finally translating across the pond? Stay tuned...

Back to blogging.

My Chuseok Holiday is in full swing and I've. Done. Nothing. Seriously, I have spent the past few days successfully polishing off a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread my mom so graciously sent me, starting AND completing 10 crosswords, and, um, that's about it. Oh, and I visited Yura and Dongwook.

If you've been reading for awhile, you'll know I've developed quite a friendship with one of my students. There's a significant age difference, but we don't let that stand in our way. Anyway, I texted Yura a few weeks ago, letting her know I was back in Seoul. Her mom returned my call instantly. We chatted; she asked about my vacation, my nephew and my new school, and then she asked when I was free to visit.


Anytime, I gushed. I was very excited to see my favorite Korean family.

Well, the Golden Child had a very important math test October first and he was full of stress, she informed me, so our rendezvous would have to wait until later.

So for the next few weeks I waited patiently. Yura was not so patient. She called many times to confirm that I would, in fact, be visiting her house. Finally, Thursday rolled around, and true to form, Yura phoned.

Yura: Mindy Teacher, when can you come to my house?

Me: I am free all weekend. When would you like me to visit?

Yura: Can you come to my house tomorrow and have lunch?

Me: Of course! Where do you live? (The Han's moved to Bundang in August. I needed directions.)

I cannot possible recount the entire 'directions' conversation, but it was stinking hilarious. Yura insisted on relaying the info from her mom, rather than handing off the phone. She talks a mile a minute with a bit of a speech impediment, so her directions were sketchy at best. Just when I had decided to wing it and call her when I got to the subway station, Dongwook got on the line.

Dongwook: Teacher? Is that you?

Me: Yes, who else would it be?!

Dongwook: I think it is not you. (He's very dry. Love it.)

Me: Who do you think it is?

Dongwoook: I think it is... a man. Ahahaha.

Smartass. Then he asks of Yura's directions, "Did ya get that?" Ha. I recounted her directions and said I'd call if I got lost, then we hung up. But that was nowhere near the end. Friday morning Yura called again.

Yura: Mindy Teacher, do you remember how to come to my house?

Me: Yes. I wrote it down.

Yura: Tell me. (She is so direct and matter of fact. It kills me!) Then: Mindy Teacher, do you like cereal?

Me: Yes! It is my second favorite food!

Anyway, I made it out to Bundang without a hitch and was greeted by Sweet Yura in her signature ponytail and sandals. Like a Dutiful American Guest, I picked up some Korean snacks and songpeong for the kids, and also packed a big 'ol bag of American Halloween candy my mom sent. She was elated! And she had a present for me: a box of cereal and milk. God I love her! I literally squealed with delight.

We played some games and I chatted with her mom. They asked to see pictures of my family and then we had homemade chopchae and mandu for lunch. It was a beautiful day in Bundang, so we headed to Central Park. While her mom and I chatted, Yura asked questions about my family, told me about her new school (she hates it), and asked me multiple times to race. She showed me the traditional Korean Village at the park and then we played "Korean Photo Shoot" and a rousing game of "I Spy." And then I thought it was time to head home. The Han's weren't finished with me yet. Mrs. Han offered to cook me my favorite Korean food, chamchi kimchi bokumbap, and the chance to watch the movie August Rush, one of her favorites. How could I say no?!

Yura and me playing games.

Yura found that noisemaker on the ground. It occupied her for a good hour.

The Hans.

My Favorite Korean.

After dinner and a movie, we were all exhausted. The three of them walked me to the subway and Yura invited me to her birthday in a few weeks. I was elated. And that was how I spent my Chuseok Eve.


mslisaczarina said...

Mindy Teacher! I love it! And I love that there are pictures to go with the story. A face with the names...

Very cute. Mindy Teacher!

the lady of the house said...

Ahhh! Isn't she a doll! Still pregnant if you're wondering ;) I love the pic of you two playing hand games and it looks gorgeous there. Sounds like you are having fun and I'm so glad there is a family there for you to hang out with - how sweet was that for he mom to make you your favorite dinner and the box of cereal cracked me up... I can just see your face of delight!