One. More. Day.

Okay, I think I may have jumped the gun a bit. Turns out I AM sick. No wonder I've been so tired and moody lately. Whatever. All I know is that I've got one more day of entertaining, grading, shushing, and wearing retardedly uncomfortable dress shoes. Hooray for vacation!

Aside from being snotty and gross for the last few days, I spoke with Dawn this morning and apparently the whole PNW is snowed in. Flights are being delayed and/or cancelled left and right. Oh dear god I hope she gets here in one piece. I've SO been looking forward to seeing her smiling face for the last 3 months...

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my flickr DILO. I cheated a bit, and did my 'day in the life' on Saturday. Whatever. Sunday was snotty and full of bitching, complaining, and an unsuccessful trip to Costco. 'Nuff said.

In this DILO: My room, Gyeongbukgung, Insadong, Chungmurro Station and various points in between. Check the whole day here.


Mary said...

Damn! It looks cold there!! Yes, the NW is snowed in! We finally got about 2in here this morning, but we have managed to escape the bulk of it. Tanner is not so fortunate! I talked to him Sat night and he said the blizzard was so bad, he couldn't see the building right across the street. They have been holed up for days, the ice and snow are so bad. Gresham and other areas of Portland have called out the National Guard to help with emergency services because their own vehicles are stuck. There's your weather report!
I wanted to tell you Merry Christmas,and you are missed! It sounds like you are on the way to feeling better and having some company from home will be fun for you. I saw a little shopping cart with the fake groceries while I was out shopping yesterday and it reminded me of the year that your mom got you one for Christmas. I think you were 2, and you loved it.
Then Rosanna called me and was asking if I remembered what Alf was, and that reminded me of the year that GaGa sent your brother that talking Alf that ended up scaring the hell out of him!
It all seems like so long ago and now you are clear around the world and he has his own mini me for Christmas.
Love to you from all of us,can't wait to see you again, when ever you get back!! Eat good food and stay warm and cozy tomorrow!
Merry Christmas!

Kristi said...

Merry Christmas!!!
I was secretly praying for a hell of a storm so that we could stay home instead of traveling to southeast Idaho. Makes me feel a little bad, but we have never been in our own living room around our own tree since Robie was born. Now, there is a blizzard warning in effect until 5 pm today where we were going, so we are still home. Sorry for them, but I couldn't be more pleased. We will probably try and hit the freeway tomorrow. I'm sure our just over 2 hour trip will likely take about twice that long. Good times. Hope you are on the mend. Take care.