Last night a DJ saved my life.

Bleh. I feel the winter blues have finally set in. I am tired and I want to sleep all the time. I go to bed early and get up late. I don't want to socialize. I am not sick, but everyone around me is. I am burnt out and tired of teaching. I miss my family. I feel like I've been holding my breathe for 8 months. I need to exhale. I need some open space. I need a break. I hope the vacation will recharge my battery for the downhill slide.

Kashiwa Daisuke. At least there's a silver lining.


Marcie Jo said...

OMG, Tim is like, a GOD for introducing us to this ...

It's fabulous. And I have it on a disk for you. :)

Kristi said...

You knew this was coming, and you will get through. From your medicated friend, I can assure you this season will pass. And if you aren't medicated, GET SOME. I have become quite a fan of pharmaceuticals. Fuck Tom Cruise.

Mary said...

Miss Mindy, this is your Auntie!! Find some light! Do they have tanning booths there? That might help. I have heard good things about SamE, it's natural and you may find it at Costco. Your Mom said they have one there somewhere. You need light and meds quickly.
I talked to your Mom yesterday and she said she might be coming on her vacation. That should be something to look forward to.
I know this is hard, I go through it too, but not a gazillion miles from family.
Focus on the good,I know that's easier said than done!
Missing you tons, visit your blog often!

OH!! I am starting College in January!!!

Kayci said...

Your pics are amazing!