Pokemon on a plane.

You all must have been crossin' yer fingers 'cause I'm going to Tokyo! And now I'm freaking out. Did you know Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda (to distinguish it from the TWO other airports) ranks fourth in the WORLD for air traffic? And it mostly just services South Korea, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Damn. Umm, Boise doesn't even rank. Yeah, it's big. Hopefully the two hour layover is enough time for me to pick up some Hello Kitty stuff for Trishia AND find my gate!

Also, my friend Chris says Skype is the way to go to make free international calls. You can download it for free. I love free. And in case yer really crazy and think you actually want to pay to make that international call, here's how: http://www.howtocallabroad.com/south-korea/

Good luck!

Update:  Not Haneda, Narita, and yeah, it's big too.  At least their site is in English.  Sweet.

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