The checklist is complete AND how to pack for a year

Visa is in hand! Checklist is complete. Now I can focus on more pressing issues, like packing. Bleh.

Some important conundrums have arisen whilst packing (I'm setting you up with the vocab here, are you catchin' that?) Can I pack the Hogwarts gang along for the trip? Is that weird? And perhaps more importantly, do I leave all my "Friends" at home? The ones I know by heart and have watched incessantly since I was about 14. Don't judge. These are pressing questions. And furthermore, how is one woman expected to know which shoes she MIGHT wear over the course of the next year? Hell, I wear a different pair of shoes everyday. I've prolly got 20 and I wear them ALL. And jeans. Ah snap, here I go...

Dawn says take the cannoli and leave the gun. Whatever. I say pack a LOT of tampons, take yer own sheets and as long as I have the Mac, all is right in the world. Mom will send the rest.


msmary said...

Min, I think you can leave your Hogwarts gang at home! I think Brynna found somewhere you can read them on line.Take the shoes.You may only have 2 feet but those 2 feet like a little variety.I heard you should also take toilet paper.Maybe thats only Eastern European countries.Take some anyways.They might not have Charmin.

Dawn said...

split the difference, bring a few "friends" to keep you company, a few shoes to warm and cuddle your toes, and jeans are a must, and they have sheets in south korea, use that room to bring another friend.