Social sleeping, part duex

like a child, i am bored easily and am in need of constant entertainment. during one of my many bus/subway/cab rides last week, i decided to go through the pics on my phone (public transportation bores the hell outta me. if only the people of seoul were more interesting to look at). this is always very fun for me, as i like to see the progression of drunkenness that takes place and is then documented on my celly cell.

well, i scrolled waaaaay back, all the way to 4:53 AM on saturday, march 28 2009, according to the date stamp. and i found this gem.

this is a mcdonald's on hagwon-ga, the street i used to work. (ha!) i love the social sleeping that's taking place here. by the looks of their table, they didn't even bother to order any food, as those cans of coke are sold at c-stores, NOT the golden arches. as a matter fact, the entire scene looks as if they died mid-snack. maybe this particular mcdonald's was all sealed up and the fan was on. fandeath can strike anywhere, people. or maybe a rogue drunken ajjoshi (man, is that a redundant phrase) puked on their shoes and they're all just looking down at the mess. or maybe, these are korean runaways, seeking refuge under the comfortable glare of the neon lighting.

whatever the case, this little tidbit of social sleeping made my day.


BeautifulRapture said...

haha ! I love it. Korean social sleeping is my fav!

bangrudy said...

enjoy your social sleeping. Tomboy !!! i like you so much.

Modern Day Mrs. Brady said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and it is too funny! <3 it.

Mindy said...

aww, thanks! sometimes i forget other people read this. mostly i write for myself. good to know others are entertained!