I'm a sucker for Chucks

Multiple posts for multiple topics or one long post?  I never know...  I do know that I hate reading blogs that are huge chunks of word vomit with no pictures. That's why pictures are good.

Anyway, I was contemplating this topic because I read a LOT of blogs and I usually lose interest after the first few posts because 1) the content sucks OR 2) there's no eye candy OR 3) the posts are WAY too long. This last one's a kicker, because even if the content is good and there are a few pictures, my attention span is so short (thanks, internet) that I tend to stop reading pretty quickly.

So maybe that means multiple posts for multiple topics...

That being said, I'd like to confess that I am OBSESSED with Korean B-Boys. B-Boys are boys who dance, but they're actually so much more than that.  What they do is passionate and funny and entertaining and more than a little hot. These guys have got style for days.  The best part of a Friday night dance party is when the B-Boy entourage strides into the bar.  They're cool and confident and, of course, totally aloof.  There's usually one guy with a video camera, so he can record all the dope B-Boy action. These boys usually have a few drinks, then the show begins -- a dance-off!  Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but I often forget myself and become completely entranced by their moves.  They're just so cool. And I love how they totally cop American hip-hop style in a distinctly Korean way...

Korean B-Boys have only really been doing their thang since 2000.  Before that they were virtually off the map.  But like everything else in modern Korean society, its popularity has exploded and now the Koreans are among the best in the world.  This is a really good article charting the rise of breakdancing in Korea.

I've been searching like mad for vids that truly capture Korean B-Boys, but none really do them justice...

My personal favorite.  Note the use of my K-pop favorites, the Wonder Girls.

The music is bad, but the moves are amazing.

A little Japan vs. Korea

Okay, one more. Physicz. This guy is sick.

Also, I think the documentary Planet B-Boy is totally worth checking out. 


Señorita Chelsea said...

Not going to lie, Mindy, it seems that you have a lot more time to use the internet that I do! Or maybe you just have easier access...to the internet, that is. I used the internet at my house once: it took half an hour to check my e-mail on our phone line connection. Now, I just live with the fact that I'm unable to watch youtube videos for a year and that my facebook stalking will just have to wait.

Mindy said...

Um, yeah, that and the difference between living in a 3rd world country and a 1st world country (well, sorta. I DO still have to use squatter toilets sometimes.) Korea is the most wired country on EARTH. There are as many cell phones as people and I can watch TV on the subway... So yeah, my access is pretty good!

StephieMac said...