MIS-Adventure Korea

Yesterday was the weirdest day.  But let me back up a bit.  All summer, my friends and I have been trying to book a rafting/bungee jumping trip through a local outfitter, Adventure Korea, but for one reason or another, it never quite worked out.  Then finally, at the end of July, Erica and I managed to secure two spots for the weekend of August 3rd.  This also happened to be the last weekend of our summer vacation, so we thought that would work out really well.  HA! While we were basking in the glorious sunlight in Jeju, it had been raining for a solid week on the mainland, causing the rivers to swell to "unsafe" levels.  More like FUN levels.  So the trip was rescheduled for the following Saturday.  Bleh.  We passed and booked another trip for August 23rd.  But Korea was trying to thwart us at every turn as Friday night was Poly Fun Night -- Korean BBQ and Norae Bang on Poly's dime. Yeah, you can't really get outta that one. Needless to say, we were wrecked Saturday morning.

At this point, I'd like to interject and say that Adventure Korea's website made no mention of the fact that high water would kill all bungee jumping possibilities. It had been raining for a few days.  AND the last time we booked through Adventure Korea our trip was cut short by a typhoon.

So anyway, the three of us managed to make it on the bus.  We may have still been slightly drunk.  At least there were no uncomfortable bus ride hangovers...  By 9 the sun was shining and we were getting excited.  That is until our "Fun Guide" broke the news that bungee jumping would be canceled.  Tim and Erica were pissed.  No worries, said our "Fun Guide," we would still be traveling to the bridge so we could take pictures of the place we SHOULD have jumped from.  And rafting was being pushed back to 1PM, so we were gonna take a bus tour of the area -- a 3 HOUR bus tour.  Seriously?  You've got to be kidding.  Way to think on yer feet, Adventure Korea, as this is exactly how we wanted to spend the afternoon.

Okay, long story short, we propositioned our "Fun Guide" for the directions to the nearest bus terminal and got them to drop us off so we could hitch a ride home.  That was a walk of shame from the back o' da bus.  The best part?  No idea where we were!  We made it to Gangnam by 1, though, and had delicious lunch and margaritas at Dos Tacos, followed by ice cream at Cold Stone.  And that IS how we wanted to spend the afternoon.

Side note: some interesting tidbits from our trip -- the fastest cab ride ever to Express Bus Terminal, a stunningly clean trashcan adorned with fake flowers, the Korean girl blasting Unk's '2 Step,' and more Canadians on Tour (I think they're taking over Korea.)

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